All roads... lead to happiness.

Author Sabine ALLAMELLE
If there is God, why does it agree to see us suffering without anything to make for us? If the Earth were born from an accident, why do we speak about destiny? What to believe? Who to believe? And if the life had PIN numbers which escape to us?
One a history, one lived a whole. Everyone knew difficult periods in its life. But each one having its own perception of the things, makes the choice to apprehend it with its manner: rejection, anger, unhappiness, acceptance…
A few years ago, I underwent a strong trauma. The days which followed, I remained locked up at home, crying, while wanting with the whole ground. Then at one time, I felt a catch. It was obvious that the whole ground was not responsible for my evils. It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. Rather than to arouse the pity of me on my fate (which it should be said in passing did nothing but empty me of any energy, love, hope), I preferred to seek to understand what it rather occurred under these events than to judge and to condemn. And more I understood, more my anger was dissipated and more I appreciated the life.
But is the life, it what? Who are we really? And why are we here? To find happiness? But is happiness it what? Who knows which face it really has? 
There cannot be questions without answers, only us did not find them yet, because we did not seek at the good place. There exists a means of finding them: to understand the life. That requires to put our a priori side and to open our spirit. And when we find the answers to these questions, perhaps could we abolish the suffering? 
Nothing arrives by chance… Having become aware of this, I learned, understood, found. And today, I want to share my discoveries with the most possible world, in a clear and synthesized way. From where the idea of this book. Nothing of all this is really new, only our beliefs made us deviate truth and today, it is so much all to give in order. In general, the authors of this kind of writings have already a fame in their field, a large university luggage. I do not enter the great literature, it is not the goal of this book. I am a “Madam everyone” and I hold so that this book is easily accessible. I do not give you a chart to find happiness, I am just satisfied to guide you so that you find it yourselves. Your satisfaction will be only larger.
Sincerely, since I separated from my false beliefs and looked at the world with a new glance, I do not spend any more my time seeking happiness but rather polishing it. 
Open your spirit, the life is much more than what our eyes can perceive.
Sabine Allamelle.