Earth : the asymmetrical solution.

Thanks to the data of the IGN and NASA, I could establish that the Earth is expanding. The growth rate of its average diameter is of 0.00000033314. The equatorial ray grows more quickly than the polar ray. In the year 2013, the surface of the Earth increased equivalent of a time zone. This expansion of the Earth has consequences in terms scientist, geographical, geodetic, climatic and diplomatic. 
In scientific term, it is the invalidation of earth sciences in force. In geographical term, the geography of the Earth is dynamic, it is not fixed. In geodetic term, the reference marks of surface of the Earth must take into account the 24 ième time zone which was constituted. In climatic term, all the forecasts which are currently produced are false. In diplomatic term, the question of the property of new surfaces created arises, knowing that the surface covered by a time zone is much higher than that of the widest country of planet, Russia. Does this surface return to that which revealed it and more singularly to its nation of membership?
All these problems are largely developed in this book.